the 85th cmef (autumn) ends perfectly!

for the four-day cmef autumn exhibition in 2021, jumper medical is very grateful for your presence. at this exhibition, we comprehensively displayed supplementary smart wearable medical equipment, our blood pressure monitor, angelsounds fetal doppler, pocket fetal doppler and fingertip pulse oximeters have attracted the attention of more customers.


new products: infrared thermometer jpd-fr301, jpd-fr415, fingertip pulse oximeters jpd-500h(oled), tens therapy device jpd-es210 became the highlight of the cmef exhibition and appreciated by many customers.

looking forward to the future, under the guidance of the core value of healthcare within mind, jumper medical will continue to promote more intelligent medical application products through the combination of artificial intelligence and medical products, and provide users with more accurate and intelligent products.

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